our wind

i prayed with the wind today.
i lit some sage and prayed in each direction to our earth and our people in our compass of the winds.
i offered connection to each direction of our hearts and that we are able to see that we are all on this space, together.
i walked with the wind today.
i stepped over and through the lichen and sage.
stepped over the homes of those that dwell underfoot.
i stopped ever so often just observing the surroundings that the earth so selflessly has provided its body to us to habitat.
i cried with the wind today.
i asked it so desperately if i am ultimately alone, is my daughter with me, is god with me. my tears dripped as readily as the needles fell off the pines, dropping onto the wet ground previously showered by the earth and now me.
i searched the trees and the grass with the wind today.
my eyes shifted for avenues of life, light, and a path to take, just as the wind shifts with each pocket of air. it takes flight in its own direction, yet still has a course to move through, in and out.
i realized i was the wind today.
all over and yet in one space. touching all that has come before me and all that will surpass me. weaving in and out of time and reaching across the lands, in a search, to create a movement. to feel, to be the feeling.
i held my soul with the wind today.
i was carried away and remained grounded. i saw that the complexity is only the perspective we allow it to be. the simplicity and impact of the wind indicating that we are all instinctually animals and intuitively operate to survive on the grounds that we are all a part of.
i gave myself to the wind today.
it flew and danced and twirled in front, behind, to each side and through me. i let it spin me and guide my minds eye to seek, finding that i may not need to seek, as it is all within me, within us. the only guide needed is love and like the wind, it can go anywhere

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