write about it

write about her, write about him, write about you, write about them. write to survive the night against the demons with whom to contend. write about courage, write about fear, write about speaking, write what there is to hear. write to forget that fervently it is wished for love to be near. write of the struggle, write of the tests, write of the secrets, write of which has been confessed. write to remember the moments that develop and your existence is blessed. write to create emotion, write to silence a crowd, write to give a voice to the quiet, write to soften the loud. write to stroke the ego of the philospohically proud. write about lust, write about restraint, write about temptation, write about the saint. write about the euphoric imagery two bodies create. write about despair, write about loss, write about hope, write about progress. write of the lengths and the turns of the healing process. write about light, write of the glimmer, write of the vibrations, write of a hearts shimmer. write of the fight that goes on to shine within her.

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