or was it hate?

standing on the precipice of force and fate, i find myself diving into the open mouth of hells heavenly gate, where the facade is so strong that the view seems real. where the movement is so agile that the resistence proves futile. so i stand at the alter and allow it to engulf me. i stand across from the persecution and let love defend me. or was is hate?

letting my mind take the lead has lead me astray, brought me to places where my inner me would not frequent or stay, grabbed my heart and chained it to choice. slammed clamps on the arteries that should vibrate with its own voice. so i pumped messages of hope that should have been mine. i wrote remarks of how love  is to be defined. or was it hate?

day after day of its own morphing formation, the bond grew stronger with less hestitation, closing the gaps of doubt came claim to what was now life. assuming the role of the most submissive of wives. not reading the words of what my soul had writ, hanging on to the feeling of this must be love’s it. or was it hate?


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