It is definitely difficult to define what it is that we as humans are here to do. The purpose often seems to delineate from our plans and then creates multiple beginnings and ends on our paths. It is at each juncture that we become a new version of us, giving room for us to align again into whomever it is that we are to be.

Yet, for some of us, these moments of life change, are extremely drastic and traumatic.

This is the tragedy of life. There is a constant war and battle within and I constantly lose.

Then, I rise up out of the ashes from all that burned my ideals to the ground, and I live.

And…. I write about it. Innerworkings, poetry, rants, pouring out of the soul….

In each of us there is a little bit that dies and lives, and here, I, the Proverbial Phoenix live in all that is death.